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You can contact us using the contact informations below

Phone: +90 (246) 233 07 90 Whatsup: 0090 541 499 09 29

For Price and Product Questions: Bilgi@kurucum.com

Questions for Production Methods: Uretim@kurucum.com

Questions for Product Quality and Quality Documents: Kalite@kurucum.com

how to produce dry fruit tea?

Dry fruit tea is the dried form of fresh fruit tea. Inlet moisture of fresh fruit tea is nearly 90-92%. So, just about 1 kg of dry fruit tea is produced approximate 12 kg of fresh fruit tea. At drying operation, inlet water of product evaporates and the product remains its essence part. So, the nutritional values of dry product, especially proteins, vitamins, minerals have increased to much according to fresh type. You can find different cutting types of sales for dry fruit tea below,

fruit tea powder,

Dry fruit tea small granules,

Dry fruit tea big granules,

Dry sliced fruit tea.

In which areas dried fruit tea can be used?

Some of the dry fruit tea usage areas are below.

Dry fruit tea can be used for diet meals,

Dry fruit tea can be eat as a healthy chips,

Dry fruit tea can be used for producing of healthy sweeties.

Dry fruit tea used for smelling ,coloring, and flavoring of foods and meals.

Dry fruit tea can be used in a mix of muesli, cereal and breakfast products,

Dry fruit tea can be used in icecreams, pudding and chocolate,

Dry fruit tea can be used in products such as biscuits, cakes, and crispbreads.

To see another usage areas please visit: www.kurucum.com/dry-food-usage.html

What is the Price of Dry fruit tea?

fruit tea is a wholesale product of Kurucum Food company. You can purchase good quality dry fruit tea from our company.

You can take dried fruit tea prices as long as they are in our stocks. Our price list is update every month. You can take monthly USD-kg price sending an information mail to bilgi@kurucum.com.

Kurucum Food company contact informations;

Phone: +90 (246) 233 07 90 Whatsup: 0090 541 499 09 29

For price and product questions: bilgi@kurucum.com

Questions for manufacturing methods: Uretim@kurucum.com

Questions for product quality and specifications: Kalite@kurucum.com

How can we purchase dried fruit tea and where can we take it ?

For wholesale, we can send the dry fruit tea to Europe and middleeast countries by truck and we can send sea transport to send it to other countries by container.

What are the Benefits of natural Dry fruit tea in the dryer?

Dry fruit tea is manufactured by drying the fresh fruit tea under controlled temperature and moisture. During drying process, inlet moisture of product evaporates and the product remains its essence part. There is too much difference between consuming the same amount of fresh fruit tea and consuming dry fruit tea but except for exceptional cases, In terms of benefits, natural fresh fruit tea and dry fruit tea can be useful in the same topic.

Information Notes: The photographs, nutritional values, benefits and approximate dried product rates used in the presentation of the product are written by compiling the data and sources that the site was prepared for the first time. Your product may different due to product type, drying technique and other factors.